A passion for materials, forms and surfaces combined with an insatiable curiosity to experiment with new technology, find expression in my creations.


I grew up in a very stimulating environment, surrounded by art and culture.

This influence and a passion for the 3 dimensional, led me to move to London to study at the prestigious Central St Martin's College of Art and Design.

After my graduation I started investigating materials new approaches to traditional techniques.

Working with clay, metal, 3d printing my shapes are born out of curves and continuous lines. Geometrical forms take on a more organic feel

My signature style is recognizable in my jewellery as well as in the more sculptural pieces.

Forms, textures and colours are for me, an endless way to understand and reinvent the nature of reality.


Olivia Monti Arduini's work has been feature on The New York Times T magazine, Vogue Italia, Vogue Gioiello, Elle Italia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and others.

Recent Exhibitions and Events:


Febbraio 2020        Be a Sweetheart, il Cuore nel Gioiello

                                Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, Milano

Aprile 2019             Flatland 

                                presentation of the new collection

October 2018        Jewels in Ferment,

                                Barcelona, Spain

September 2018    La Ceramica in Circolo, traveling exhibition,


November 2017     Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition,

                                Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China

October 2017        Gioielli in Fermento Master Collection, Off-Joya Ocaña,

                                Barcelona, Spain

September 2017    La Pelle della Moda, Homi,

                                Milan, Italy

May 2017                Gioielli in Fermento Master Collection,

                                Ziano Piacentino, Italy

February 2017        Scatenata, Palazzo delle Stelline,

                                Milano, Italy

November 2016     Gioielli alla Moda, Palazzo Reale

                                Milano, Italy

November 2016     Pilino Soma, Ceramic Jewellery Exhibition, The Sowl Gallery,

                                Athens, Greece

June 2016               Bigiù, Ceramic Jewellery, Palazzo della Guardia,

                                Vietri sul Mare, Italy

April 2016               Transit, Creativity Oggetti,

                                Torino, Italy

December 2015     White Exhibition, ICKX Contemporary Jewellery,

                                Brussel, Belgium

November 2015     Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana, La Triennale

                                Milano, Italy